A Bittersweet End

Originally published in The Clarion | December 26, 2012

Today is somewhat bittersweet for me. After almost three years of writing articles on technology for The Clarion, this will be my last. I hope that you, the reader, were able to learn some new things or at least found some sense of enjoyment from my babbling. It has been a pleasure to put my thoughts into print and I am very thankful that the staff of The Clarion has allowed me to share things with you. In reflecting on the articles I have written, a few things jump out to me. One is that there is so much more to technology than just the computers, gadgets and devices that many of us rely on. There are rules and laws, common courtesies and other factors that make the Web and everything that goes with it useful in modern society.

At a minimum, my goal in writing weekly articles has been to convey a very basic principle when it comes to learning and using technology. This simple principle is that one should never be shy or afraid to try something new. When it comes to using technological gadgets, ignorance is not bliss. Today’s software and operating systems are essentially foolproof when it comes to everyday use. If you find a software application on your device that you are unfamiliar with, rest assured that you are not going to break your device by giving it a spin. For me, the best way to learn something new is to simply dive in. Fear of messing something up should never hinder someone from learning. I cannot think of one scenario where exploring a software application will cause permanent damage to a device.

As technologies continue to evolve and newer, better gadgets and software are being introduced all the time, we has human beings must be both open and willing to go with the flow. Failing to do so will leave us behind, something that those of us who depend on technology simply cannot afford. The younger generations have such an advantage over us older folk, simply because they were born into technology. All the many things they know they usually take for granted – things that many of us struggle with. My only advice is to keep at it, be open and willing to learn so that we can all be productive in having successful careers – no matter what it is that we do. Escaping technology in both personal and work environments is virtually impossible today. As we move into 2013, may technology be an asset, not a hindrance, to each and every one of us.