I just purchased the Gentouch78 from Augen. The verdict is still out on this device, so far I’m at best 50/50 on it – for web browsing it seems to be sufficient. Several disappointments exist though, including a dysfunctional Market app, non-existent (although advertised) screen rotation and somewhat flaky audio quality. The device could really use external volume controls and a more MotoDroid-like touchscreen. There is a good chance I will return the Gentouch for a refund but I want to hold out for some much-needed upgrades. We’ll see what (if any) progress comes down the pipe in the next few days on this one.


I am the proud new owner of a Motorola Droid. Here I will post notes and links, primarily for myself but feel free to enjoy them for yourself!

Ubuntu on Motorola Droid
Guide to Rooting Android

My AppBrain Applications List